My Journey

My journey is my own, with joys and challenges.  My life experiences, be they joyous or painful, have all offered the lessons I have learned to bring me to this enlightened point in my life. Throughout it all, I have always "known" these are magical times. 

I had a storybook childhood complete with loving, caring parents... a big sister who had asked for a little sister... a nice home in a nice neighborhood... nutritious food and good eating habits.  I was surrounded by creativity as my father was an art teacher and my mother a homemaker with a talent for sewing.

Like all storybooks, mine too had to end as unfamiliar and unwelcome challenges infiltrated my life - learning my mother had suffered severe postpartum depression after my birth, enough to choose electric shock treatment; enduring the shock and pain of learning that a few of my teenage friends, including my boyfriend at that time, attempted suicide; my mother's diagnosis of bipolar manic depressive disorder; my parents' divorce when my father came out as a gay man... 

I was not used to having to "deal with" challenges of this magnitude.

I then went to live with my sister and her soon-to-be husband. It got to the point when I could no longer accept the way he treated her and I spoke up. Shortly thereafter, I was told by him that I needed to move out.

It was at this point that I went to live with my boyfriend and his family (whom I had known since I was eight). We soon moved into our own apartment and were married a few years later. We had two beautiful children - first, my daughter, very sweet, smart, and sensitive and, a couple of years later, my son was born.

Three years after I got married, my father was diagnosed HIV positive. I was 'daddy's little girl' - he had been there for me starting when I was 2 weeks old and mom was receiving the shock treatments. This was the most difficult thing I had experienced.

My father had been an artist and a florist. He went blind two and a half years after his diagnosis. Within the next two and a half years, he passed into spirit. When my father died, he opened the whole spirit world to me. He came to visit me in dreams. I saw his face form in the clouds. He was communicating to me his presence. I began to question if I wanted to live with things in my life that weren't satisfying, that didn't feel "right" or "good."  Life suddenly felt much shorter with not a moment to waste.

My son was 3 when he was diagnosed with PDD autism. After this news, with everything draining me and nothing feeding my soul, I subsequently fell in love with another man and got divorced.

When my son started going through puberty, his aggressive behaviors started and rapidly became difficult to handle. Managing him was a full-time job. While holding down a part-time profession as an X-ray technologist, things worsened year after year until one day I found myself holding my son's door closed while he was having a meltdown and trying to attack me. I was crying, and with my heart pounding and my knees shaking, I looked up at the ceiling and said "I know to be grateful for these hard times and that I'm not going through this for no reason. There is a reason. I don't know what it is yet, but I know there is a reason."

Around this time, a dear friend told me about Abraham-Hicks which turned out to be the most important information in my life. The message rang so true and resonated deeply with me. I had found all the answers. Bit by bit, I trained myself to talk about what I did want and to stop focusing on what was going on in my life that wasn't working - to stop focusing on all of my issues, my son's issues, retelling the drama and pain, and to start calling in the solution and resolution to living my best life ever. I was then introduced to EFT tapping which healed me of the PTSD and anxiety.

I have since learned so many wonderful teachings like heart coherence, reiki, tuning forks, and so many more. I am now living my dream and I feel AMAZING!

Remember the part of my story when I was holding my son's door shut and trusting that I was experiencing that for a reason? Well, I know the reason. It was because of that moment that I was lead to my true calling: to be a teacher of healing, to share what I have learned with those seeking the solutions and resolution to live their best lives.

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